Another Happy Landings to report from our 30 day follow up. This is what Deb has to say about Twink (Twinkle Toes).
“Twink is doing GREAT! The first day in her new home she explored every inch, then dove under the bed for the next two. She emerged never to return and is very active outside on the pool deck chasing lizards and squirrels. Often, I find her just snoozing on the warm pavers in the sun. My 16-year-old female cat just ignored her at first but is now showing an interest in being buddies. Both sleep with me at night which I am very happy about! She is a good eater, and very respectful of the older cat’s dish. Dry food however, is free game. Sometimes she sits down and meows loudly, and I am not sure why. When I go to her, she just wants to snuggle. I just hold up my hand and she does all the work. I am amazed how easily she has fit into my home after spending so long in a shelter.
It is a real tribute to your care at Satchel’s.”
Sounds like Twink and Creepy will become buds. We’re all so happy for our long time resident Twinkle Toes.