Merry Christmas from Kelly! Kelly was asking Santa here for a home for Christmas. Do you think you can help her out? Kelly is guessed to be 5 years old and has already spent 3 Christmases at Satchel’s. She has so many volunteer fans who don’t understand why she is still at the shelter because she is so loving. It could be that her body is unable to keep her kidney values stable without some help from subcutaneous fluids. We don’t really know why but with her twice a week flulid supplements, her values remain stable. Our vet doesn’t believe this will, in any way, shorten her life or cause her any pain as long as she continues to get her fluids. She patiently stands for the 15 minutes it takes to give them to her. So should this really be why she has to live out her life at a shelter? Please consider opening up your heart and home to Kelly and give yourself an amazing Christmas present in 2020. A present that should go on giving for many, many years.