Happy Landings to Zack – Adoption follow up.

Cindy had begun volunteering last year at Satchel’s and although she was not actively looking to adopt, she was getting to know the dogs. Zack, a young puppy had recently arrived and after a few meetings with Zack, Cindy and Tom couldn’t resist his cuteness and decided he would be a great fit for their family. They have recently returned to Illinois and Zack, now known as Ziggy, was a perfect traveler on his long car trip. Ziggy has a lot of “puppy spunk” and he is thoroughly enjoying his two story house with a basement and lots of closets to investigate. When she is doing the laundry, Ziggy loves to help by tossing the socks into the air. He has learned the command “Look at me” and will respond by walking on his two back legs. Cindy said that he is full of adorable antics, makes them laugh and is such a joy. Cindy loved her time volunteering at Satchel’s and never imagined that she and her husband would be rescuing her very own Satchel’s dog!