It was a great day for Poppie yesterday!

After 5 months as a foster mom, Dottie made it official and Dottie and Poppie are now family. Poppie was rescued from a county shelter 9 months ago, a paralyzed little girl who loved life scooting around on her butt. Since doctors didn’t think they would be able to help Poppie, another volunteer took her home and started therapy with Peter at the Sarasota Institute of Molecular Clavi-Therapy. Dottie continued sessions with Peter and learned how to work exercises with Poppie every day to make this girl grow stronger and stronger. Today she is able to stand and walk the block with a little help from a harness for the occasional support. Another Satchel’s Rescue-Rehab-Rehome miracle dog thanks to support from our generous supporters and volunteers! Thank you Caroline and Ralph and Dottie for spending countless hours working with her and never giving up on her. Poppie has truly hit the jackpot with Dottie. Congratulations Dottie and Poppie!