Happy Landings for Tanner! Adoption follow up.
It had been a few years since Nancy and Ray had a dog and they felt that they could use some canine companionship again. They were looking for a small dog and met two Satchel’s volunteers at Pet Supermarket where they learned of Tanner. Nancy immediately filled out an application, met him and fell in love. Tanner is doing fantastic in his new home and adores his new family. He is very smart, sometimes a little stubborn and thoroughly enjoys Nancy’s delicious healthy homemade meals of meat and vegetables. When Nancy and her daughter arrive home from running errands, Tanner performs an adorable welcome home dance standing on his hind legs and hopping up and down. When it’s time for sweet dreams, Tanner loves to cuddle way down under the covers taking turns with each family member. Nancy says Tanner is lots of fun, entertaining and very loving and they couldn’t have found a better match!