Happy Landings for Octavia and Haven! Adoption follow up.
Lisa’s senior dog had passed away last year and she found herself missing that companionship. She had visited one shelter a while back but that made her realize that she wasn’t quite ready and decided that patience and time would lead her to the right dog. She has always loved large dogs and while browsing Petfinder she was drawn to Haven’s photo. She also saw Lucky, a much smaller dog but decided to meet them both thinking she might adopt two. While she was meeting Haven at Satchel’s, she was surprised to learn that Haven had a sister, Octavia and saw how much they enjoyed being together. After careful consideration, she realized that she could not adopt one and leave the other behind and these two lucky pups went home together! They are doing fantastic and have adapted very quickly to their routine with several walks every day. They are growing quickly on their healthy diet which includes nutritious and delicious blueberries, bananas, sweet potatoes and carrots. A wonderful match and two lucky siblings will get to enjoy growing up together in their fun-filled forever home full of love.