Happy Landings to Makita and Penelope! Adoption follow up – thank you Judy.
Paul and Elizabeth had always adopted dogs with special needs in the past. Their rescued Min Pins had passed 5 years ago and they were ready to adopt again. They also knew that senior dogs are often more difficult to re-home and their daughter wanted to be sure they adopted a senior. When they went to meet Makita and Penelope, 13 and 10 years old respectively, they fell in love and Elizabeth said she knew from the look on her husband’s face that these two precious girls were going home with them. Makita and Penelope are fitting in perfectly and are both very sweet. Grandmom has a “Live in Suite” next door and when Mom and Dad are at work, Makita and Penelope trot on over to “Grammy’s Day Care” for fun and cuddles. At the end of the day, Makita and Penelope look forward to getting to snuggle and sleep with their big sister. These two lucky girls couldn’t have found a better forever home to live out their days and Elizabeth says that it was a great experience to work with Satchels!