Many of you will have seen our Ladybug featured on social media over the past several years. Lady came to us with a litter of puppies, just a puppy herself – guessed to be only a year old. That was 8 years ago. Lady is the absolute sweetest of dogs when it comes to people but her reactiveness to other dogs always stood in the way of finding her forever home. Until last week that is. Dani saw Lady on our website and submitted the application to come and meet her, not aware that Lady was recovering from recent double ACL surgery. Lady being the attention seeker she is immediately won Dani’s heart. Dad, Michael, also needed to meet Lady and more of her charm came out. This lovebug received medical clearance the next day and is now living the life with Dani and her dad. A few minutes in the home, she found a toy and had Michael on his knees playing with her. I think she’s hit the jackpot! Lady you waited a long time and being such a wonderful resident at Satchel’s, you’ll be missed very much but we couldn’t be happier that you’re finally home. Congratulations to you all!