Rebecca already had two 13-year-old male cats, Jack and Sam, both of which she has had since they were kittens. She also co-parents three dogs, has two rabbits and also reptiles, so she makes many trips to Pet Supplies Plus. She was not considering adopting any more animals, but she and her boyfriend happened to be near the Satchel’s cat adoption area at Pet Supplies Plus. Rebecca’s boyfriend noticed Siri sitting on top of the cat tower and they were touched by her beauty and personality. They learned that Siri had a sister and saw her photo, but initially were planning to adopt just Siri when JJ decided to come out of hiding and started to play. As luck would have it, they couldn’t resist bringing both of these sweet sisters home to join their multiple fur baby family. JJ is now known as Jasmine and she and Siri have transitioned very well with their feline and canine siblings. Siri is the calmer of the two, but she is definitely the new Queen of the House and loves to chase Jade, the Belgian Malinois who is very comfortable around cats. Jasmine is energetic, preferring to sleep during the day and becomes much more active at night, having a grand time playing with the bathmat. Siri and Jasmine have found their perfect forever home and were very lucky to have been adopted together!
JJ (now Jasmine) and Siri looking out of the window. Jasmine siting on the table. Siri laying on the rug.