Jim and Boni had come to Satchels to meet a few dogs, as their house was feeling empty since the passing of their most recent rescue. They happened to see a volunteer walking Jade, asked to meet her and fell for her immediately. Jade was insecure and didn’t like to walk too far from her safe zone while living at Satchels. Although she is still a little nervous around strangers and other dogs, she is making progress and building her confidence. Jim says “Jade has brought much happiness and smiles to our home. We’ve had many rescues over the years (all of whom left us due to old age or illness), and Jade is the sweetest; loves to cuddle and be with us. She is very intelligent and wants to please. Her happiness is apparent when she goes “zooming” around the house with a milk bone biscuit in her mouth. She enjoys daily walks on the 4 acre field near our house wearing her easy walk harness. She also loves car rides, as long as she’s in the front passenger seat. Jade plays great with the grandkids (11 & 12 y/o boys) and loves to go to bed at 11 (with us, of course). Jade is family and we can’t imagine life without her!”