Rosey, Rosey, Rosey. One of our long time residents who was such an amazing girl leaving us all wondering how did she not get adopted in the 5 years she was with us? Rosey had some medical issues over the past year or so and earlier this winter, she was diagnosed with lung lesions, cancer. Right around that same time, Greg had reached out looking to adopt a senior and was interested in meeting Rosey. The timing couldn’t have been worse for poor Rosey as she had just been given a death sentence and the chance of a home had slipped away. Or was the timing so bad? Greg decided to take Rosey into his home as a hospice foster and give her a real home for as long as she had left. Rosey was with Greg just 7 weeks but the bond they formed was undeniable. Rosey passed peacefully with Greg by her side last Wednesday.
Here’s a tribute from Animal Care Supervisor Lacey:
We all here at Satchel’s have very heavy hearts with the passing of one of our very own superstars, Rosey. From the first moment anyone met with her, they knew she was bigger than life with that beautiful huge smile and a mischevious look that always meant she was up for trouble. We all adored her, even when she could be a bit pushy, barking till she got her way, but even so, we couldn’t help but laugh since we knew she was being a diva. She was always cheerful, with a lively spirit, and ready to go wherever her friends wanted to go. She loved to play, she would shred every stuffie she could find and then some, she could be a wrecking ball! We miss you Rosey, terribly, but I am happy you are at peace, and can lick till your hearts content, we love you, always.
Thank you Lacey and all the staff and volunteers who showed Rosey love and brought so much happiness into her life for the past 5 years. RIP sweet, sweet Rosey. You will always have a special place in the hearts of everyone who knew you here at Satchel’s.