Terry’s cat of many years had passed about six months ago and she was missing having a feline companion. She was looking for a long haired cat and when she saw Catusha’s picture, she was touched as she had a very similar appearance to her last cat. Now known as Lexi, she is enjoying her new life with Terry. Terry said that although she is a very picky eater, she patiently experimented with many different types of wet food until she finally found one that Lexi will eat. Lexi enjoys spending time on the lanai monitoring the bird feeders and watching all the activity outside. Lexi has no interest in cuddling on Terry’s lap yet, but she is making progress bonding as she does enjoy lying beside Terry on the couch. Her nighttime sleeping spot is at the end of Terry’s bed, but recently she moved up near Terry’s head for a few moments. Terry and Lexi are lucky to have found one another and with patience and love, Lexi will soon realize she has found the perfect forever home.
Catusha laying on her side on a couch.