When Monica saw Billy Joe on our website last July, she knew he needed to become a part of her family. Billy Joe was 13 years old, had been at Satchel’s for 4 years and was a loner cat hiding from everyone who came to visit. We felt Billy Joe would likely be one of our sanctuary cats. After explaining to Monica that she wouldn’t be able to actually spend time with him in our open cat room as he wouldn’t welcome a visit, she said it didn’t matter, put him in a carrier he’s coming home with me for the rest of his retirement years. We were thrilled yesterday to receive this update.
“Hello so i just wanted to provide a 7 month update on Asiago formally known as billy joe. He has been a tough nut to crack which we already knew would be the case but my parents and I fall in love with him more and more everyday. He still likes to hide for the majority of the day but in the morning and especially at night we’ll see him. He is doing a lot better at verbalizing his wants and needs. For example today I was about to walk about when he meowed and signaled for scratches. He does get startled by the small things but once he realizes he is okay or we reassure him it is okay he will be fine. It’s taken a while but he is trusting us more everyday. Being held is not preferred by him but he tolerates it. He loves food and snackies. He also loves when we take him and his brother cheddar on walks while they are in their special carriage! We have learned he has quite a few health conditions but I’m just happy we are taking care of that with our vet and that he’s enjoying his time with us. We are grateful for him and just love him all the more everyday and on. Thank you for the chance to having been able to adopt him!!!”
All cats deserve a home. Monica and her family took a chance on Billy Joe (now Asiago) knowing and accepting he may never bond with them. We can’t thank them enough for providing a loving home for the remainder of his years.