Lia and her boyfriend had received a photo of Xena and fell in love with her beautiful green eyes and cute precious face. When they met Xena with her adorable sweet temperament, they knew she was meant to go home with them. Tobit, her feline brother was on the fence about Xena the first few days, but with gradual introductions they warmed up and adore each other now as the best of friends. Xena loves to play tag with Tobit; they chase each other for hours until they cuddle up together in the evening. Xena entertains herself with numerous toys; her favorites being laser and mouse toys. Lia puts the toys in the basket at the end of each day and by morning there are many toys scattered around the house again. Xena also LOVES treats; knows the sound of the treat cabinet door opening and sprints out of a sound sleep when she hears it. She absolutely adores her new parents and enjoys cuddling up by their side. Lia says that it’s been a joy to bring Xena into their home as she fits in perfectly and they couldn’t imagine life without her!
Xena and Tobit on the counter. Xena on the bed, Tobit on the dresser. Xena on the window ledge, Tobit on the bed. Xena laid belly up.