Terri has had many boxers throughout her life and her last boxer had passed away in July. She has also fostered many rescue dogs throughout her life and had been following social media for multiple rescue sites. She wasn’t quite ready to adopt until one day she saw Willowmena on Satchel’s website and was drawn to meet this 10-month-old chocolate lab. Willowmena, now known as Willow is thriving in her new home and Terri says that she is very intelligent and has learned quickly. Willow is full of puppy energy and at first was jumping up with excitement when her food bowl would appear, but within one day Terri taught her to lie down quietly and wait until it was prepared. Lucky for Willow as an active young girl, she has plenty of room to run on their 12 acre property. She also has a doggy door and a safe fenced in area attached to their lanai to use if she needs. In addition to her love of running and playing, Terri says she is also a perfect cuddle bunny. Willow has found a great match with her new family and will get all the love, training and exercise that she needs to grow and blossom!
Willow and dad preparing her food at the counter. Willow and mom posing. Willow outside with a toy in her mouth. Willow head on a pillow on a bed.