John and Thom were now ready to adopt after the passing of their dog earlier this year. They had been looking at a few different rescues on social media and saw a dog they might be interested in at Satchel’s. When they came out to meet that dog, it turned out not to be a good match, and Michal Anne suggested they meet Trixie. They fell in love immediately and from day one, Trixie has been a wonderful companion. She has toys galore and listens well in the house. She recently went to the groomer and was on her best behavior. They have been working with a trainer on leash walking; using a gentle leader and have been taught how to properly use the command “watch me”. Trixie takes three walks every day and this training has made a big difference in handling her on walks. Thom and John are extremely happy with Trixie and were very impressed with Satchel’s staff and volunteers and the love and quality of care that all of the animals receive.
Head shot of Trixie looking at the camera. Trixie laid curled sleeping.