Happy Landings for Sugars – Adoption Follow up.

Christine wanted to adopt an adult cat since they are often the last to find a home. Sugars came to Satchel’s as a young kitten and being very shy, she had lived at Satchel’s for three years, as she was often hiding from potential adopters. Christine said that when she heard this it melted her heart. Christine is very patient and felt that she would be able to give Sugars the perfect home for her needs. She also felt that a female would be best since she has 2 male cats in her home (also rescues) who had already established their pecking order. When Christine brought her home, Sugars had a room to herself so that she could feel safe while she adjusted to her new life. Now spelled Sugarz, chosen by her 12 year old son, she is doing great; getting along well with the two other cats and being loved and adored by Christine and her son. At bedtime, she jumps up on Christine and loves pats and scratches and meat treats in a tube. Sugarz often gets playful at 3 AM and wants to explore which is fine with Christine. Christine has gained her trust and is so happy to watch her timid Sugarz beginning to flourish. She knows that it will take a few months for Sugarz to completely settle in but is very understanding and happy to give her all the time she needs. Christine feels grateful to have discovered Satchels and said that their very personal approach is second to none!