Nicole had learned about Satchel’s from a student who had been doing volunteer work there. Nicole had recently dropped off donations and was fortunate to have a brief tour with Michal Anne. Nicole learned that they could use some cat litter and she and John went to make that purchase at Petco. They had not been actively considering adoption at the time, but they did happen to meet Delhi and Stellar who were there for an event and John fell head over heels for Stellar. Living in an apartment, they were not sure if Stellar would have enough room and they spent a lot of time in conversations with Michal Anne. They decided to foster Stellar initially to see how she would do and it turned out that she was perfectly suited to apartment living. They have had many dogs over the years and Nicole said it was only a short time before they knew they wanted to give her a forever home. Now known as Stella, Nicole said that she is doing fantastic and of all of the dogs she has ever had, “Stella came to us as close as possible to PERFECT!” Nicole works from home which is great for Stella as she does have a little bit of separation anxiety when they have to be out of the house, but they are working on that and making progress. Stella loves other dogs, so they are hoping to find a playgroup or a daycare where Stella could participate in playtime with other dogs. Nicole and John said that Michal Anne was absolutely amazing to work with and they are totally in love with Stella!
Stellar in a golf cart with dad. Stellar laid on the couch getting some petting. Stellar with a blanket over her head. Stellar on the bed.