“We were not looking for a cat when we found Stella. We have a cat that we adopted several years ago from Cat Depot and my children have been wanting another one, but I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea. We would always go into the pet store to look at the cats and play with them. We had been doing this for years without me ever giving in to adopting another cat. When we saw Stella and her siblings we all just fell in love with her. We loved her markings and her playful personality. She warmed right up to the kids and they couldn’t stop talking about her and asking if we could get her. I decided to fill out the adoption forms and see what happened.
Catherine was very nice and helpful when I filled out the application and she even helped me with places to get my older cat up to date with his shots. When we went to officially adopt Stella, Catherine made sure her claws were trimmed and her ears cleaned and gave me helpful advice about introducing the two cats to each other.
When we took Stella home, we kept the cats separated for about a week and then started to slowly introduce them with supervision. It took my older cat a couple of weeks to get used to and accept Stella but now they play and fight just like typical siblings. One of Stella’s favorite things to do is to hide behind a corner and ambush Moo, our other cat. Her favorite thing to play with is straws! I will tie two straws together so that they don’t go under the fridge or stove and she will bat and chew it and carry it around. Her favorite spot is on the cardboard scratcher in front of the sliding glass doors or the kitchen window sill to watch the birds and squirrels outside in the backyard. She also loves a soft blanket where you can pet her while she makes biscuits. We have a cat water fountain and she loves to bat at and play in the water!
Stella has been a great addition to our family and we are so happy to have her in our lives! Satchel’s made her adoption a smooth and easy process with helpful staff to answer any questions I had. If I am ever looking for another pet I would not hesitate to go to Satchels!”
Stella in a cat tunnel bed. Stella eating with her feline sibling. Stella looking out of the window. Stella peeping at the camera from behind a scratching pad.