My husband and I had to say goodbye to our almost 15-year-old chihuahua, Crystal, in early April. We had a hole in our hearts and our Olive was showing signs of sadness since her loss. We checked online daily for local adoption events and came across Satchel’s and loved their Facebook page and story. We decided to go to the event held at the Bazaar to meet Sparky’s sister, Muffin, but she had a pending application. Sparky made an appearance as well, so we also decided to meet him. My husband picked him up and he just melted right into his arms. We knew he would be a great addition to our family! Now known as Archie; he has responded well to the change and knows his name so well. We lovingly call him Sir Archibald. His canine sister Olive absolutely loves Archie and is a natural protector of her brother! They are always next to each other and play well together. They are actually both the same age! We take our pups everywhere with us. Archie has learned to love car rides and jumps in and out of the car on his own now. Archie loves to spin in circles, loves treats and to be held like a baby sleeping on my pillow/head at night. He is a very shy pup, but super affectionate; loves his human grandparents and everybody he meets! The first month that he was with us, we never heard his voice… but he has since found it and has the cutest bark when he gets excited to see us!
Sparky with sister Olive on the couch Sparky close up Sparky with sister Olive laid on the floor. Sparky looking at the camera. Sparky with head on dad's shoulder.