Sandy’s 15-year-old cat had passed last winter and the house felt empty without a feline companion. Sandy and her husband are a foster family for Satchel’s and initially their plan was to foster Sonny and Challah, but it wasn’t long before they knew that wanted to open up their hearts to these two sweet cats and become their forever parents. Now known as Sonny and Cher, they are doing great. They enjoy hanging out together but having two very different personalities, they also like to explore independently. Sonny is very food motivated and a bit more independent than Cher. He’s very curious and follows Sandy all over the house. Cher is a real love bug and the more Sandy pets her, the happier she is. She has a very sweet disposition that Sandy says she has not seen with other cats and an adorable way of sticking out her tongue when she is in “her zone.” A great match with two very happy cats who have secured their way into the hearts of this loving family.

Challa (now Cher) laid on a pillow beside mom. Challa (now Cher) laid on a pillow Sonny layed in a bed. Sonny standing looking at the camer.