Caroline’s dog had passed a few months before, but she wasn’t quite ready to adopt yet. She works as a vet tech for Dr. Peress and had arrived at work one day when her co-workers told her that she had to see a dog that needed an amputation due to a femoral fracture. When Caroline met Pirelli, her heart melted instantly and it wasn’t long before she decided to become his foster-to-adopt Mom. Now known as Bear, he has made fantastic progress and gets along great with his canine brother Kramer. He has no problems running up the stairs and Caroline says it is amazing to watch a three-legged dog performing the zoomies! Caroline wishes to extend her thanks remarking that it is wonderful to work with Satchel’s and other rescues who put so much time and effort into the care of these animals who have special medical needs.
Pirelli and Kramer laying on the floor. Pirelli laying on the lanai, looking at the camera. Pirelli taking a treat. Pirelli laying on a dog bed, looking up at the camera.