Mary Jane has had many dogs throughout her life and was looking for a Havanese. She had reached out to a few rescues but did not hear back. When she saw Nicki on Satchel’s website, she fell in love with her precious photo; not caring about what breed she was. When Mary Jane visited a Satchel’s event, she learned a little more about Nicki and decided to fill out an application. Mary Jane and her husband are now the proud family of Nicki and they are sooo in love with her, and are thrilled that one of her favorite activities is cuddling in their laps. Nicki is the first rescue dog they have ever had and Mary Jane says that she is perfect for them and has brought so much joy into their home!

Nicki layed on the ottoman looking at the camera. Nicki sleeping on sleeping dad's lap. Nicki sleeping on sleeping mom's lap.