Volunteer Sheri had been a wonderful hospice foster Mom for Lily last year and she had mentioned to Michal Anne that she was interested in fostering again. Michal Anne suggested that Sheri foster Nakoma to see if that might help Nakoma get more exposure. During the two months that Sheri had Nakoma in foster, she became more and more bonded with her as Nakoma started to show her true personality. When Sheri realized how extremely attached she had become to Nakoma, she knew that she wanted to give her a permanent home and be her forever Mom. Nakoma is doing fantastic with Sheri and her husband. They are working on her sometimes reactive behavior to dogs walking in the neighborhood and Nakoma is making progress. Sheri says that Nakoma is very sweet and adorably silly and a perfect fit for her family. Fostering is truly the way to a permanent home for many dogs and is a very rewarding and fulfilling role to play in the life of a rescue dog!
For more information on Satchel’s foster program, please visit our website, Become a Foster Home — Satchel’s Last Resort (satchelslastresort.org)
Nakoma wearing her Christmas sweater. Nakoma laying on the floor with her toy.
Nakoma on a walking trail with mom.