Anne Marie and her husband have had many cats in their lives and were looking for a new feline to join their family and it was a lucky day for Muneca when they chose her. As a very shy cat who likes to hide, Muneca is coming along slowly but surely with her new family. She immediately “found” her room with her soft comfy blanket to keep her safe but would spend most days in hiding. She has slowly begun to come out of hiding to discover that her new family are very loving and giving her the space she needs. She has been rubbing up against their legs and playing with her new toys and things are progressing nicely. She loves her new stuffed mouse and will allow Anne Marie and her husband to touch her with the feather toy. Anne Marie and her husband are willing to give Muneca all the time, patience and love that she needs. The perfect match for beautiful sweet Muneca.
Muneca laid on the floor, mom beside her scratching her with a feather. Muneca laid on the rug on the floor.