Happy Landings for Meeka – adoption followup!

Dana and her family had cats while the girls were growing up, but they had never had a dog due to the fact they were away from home for a long period of time during the day. Dana’s oldest daughter had wanted a dog since she was in the 4th grade and now that she was in high school, her schedule allowed her to be home earlier. Unbeknownst to Dana, her daughter had being searching online for a senior dog to adopt and had seen Meeka’s beautiful photo on Satchel’s website. She had also been working diligently on a Power Point Presentation and Essay which she presented to her Mom in the hopes of winning her over to adopt Meeka. With two teenage daughters and a shorter school day, it seemed to be the perfect time to adopt a dog and when they met Meeka, they knew she was the one. Dana says that Meeka is so loving and so happy and she is thriving in her new home. Meeka had also survived a very serious emergency surgery a few months ago and on her recent wellness visit with the vet, “Miracle Meeka” passed with flying colors. Meeka adores her toys and going on car rides, but her favorite thing is being surrounded by her very own family. Meeka hit the jackpot with Dana and the girls and the joy and rewards of adopting a senior dog are clearly evident.