Danielle had become a foster volunteer for Satchel’s last summer and when Maya arrived, Danielle was immediately available to foster this sweet 12-year-old senior who was completely overwhelmed due to the changes in her life. Danielle had plenty of love and experience to offer as she has had may senior dogs. When Danielle brought Maya home, she ran through the house exploring, jumped into Danielle’s lap for some love and then took a leap onto the couch and rolled over on her back with a big sigh. Danielle and Maya bonded quickly throughout the coming weeks and when it was time for Maya to go to an adoption event, Danielle could not give her up and officially became her forever Mom. Maya loves her walks and is great with other dogs so they often enjoy a pack walk with neighbor dogs. She also adores hanging out on the lanai cuddled up by Danielle’s side. Although there have been a few hurdles to overcome as Maya has separation anxiety and does not do well in the crate, Danielle has been determined to find a solution. She recently discovered a wonderful daycare facility that is limited to a small group of little dogs. Danielle and Maya have met the owners and Maya was not only happy with the caretakers but also enjoyed playing with the other dogs. Danielle is very grateful that she has been given the opportunity to provide sweet Maya with a happy loving forever home and to offer her a new lease on life!
For more information on Satchel’s foster program, visit the foster page on our website.
Maya laid on the bed. Maya laid outside beside mom. Maya out for a walk. Maya snuggled on her dog bed.