Sheila has had her service dog, 15-year-old Harley Davidson Jr., for a number of years and was looking for a new companion for him. She has rescued many dogs over the years and during her online search, she spotted Marshmallow. The meet and greet went very well and Sheila was thrilled when Marshmallow joined her family. Marshmallow, nicknamed Marsha, loves her new life with Sheila and Harley and is making progress towards reducing her separation anxiety. When Sheila leaves the house, she crates Marsha and Harley in separate crates side by side to help Marsha feel secure. Sheila often walks the two dogs together, but frequently will take Harley on a short walk alone, while Marsha stays inside, thus learning that Sheila will return soon. This has been invaluable for decreasing her separation anxiety. Marsha also attends doggie daycare three times a week and is doing very well there. They often make a stop at Dunkin for a “pup cup” which is Marsha’s reward for spending some time away from Sheila. Sometimes Marsha will get up in Sheila’s bed at night along with Harley, but Marsha has many dog beds throughout the house and gravitates to her own space frequently. Sheila says that Marsha is very intelligent and has calmed down since being in her new home. Sheila is the perfect pet parent for Marshmallow and she will thrive in her wonderful forever home!
Marshmallow laid on a bed with Harley on the lanai. Marshmallow and Harley laid on a bed. Marshmallow and Harley laid on the couch. Marshmallow heading out for a walk with the family. Marshmallow sitting tall at the computer.