Sweet little Macy, now known as Luna, was a Holiday surprise for Stephanie’s son. Magical George the Elf, had “delivered” this precious kitten with Santa’s help and when her son arrived home from school, there was beautiful Luna in her carrier and all of the necessary toys and supplies. Her son was overjoyed and he and Luna became best friends quickly. Luna is an master at snuggling and often begins the night cuddled in bed with Stephanie, but then moves to her son’s room later. As Stephanie says, Luna is an expert at sharing the love among her new family! An extremely happy little boy and lucky Macy will both feel the love growing up together!
Macy (Luna) in a bed on the cat tree. Macy (Luna) in a tunnel. Macy (Luna) sleeping in a cat bed beside her sleeping human brother on his bed. Macy (Luna) in a cat bed beside her human brother on his bed. Both looking at the camera.