Happy Landings for Lucy Lu! Adoption followup.
Sandra has had many cats throughout her life and being recently widowed, her son and daughter-in-law thought that she could use some feline companionship now. Unbeknownst to Sandra, they met Lucy Lu at Pet Supplies Plus and felt that she might be the perfect fit for their Mom. They surprised Sandra on Christmas morning with the gift of a potential adoption and Sandra went to meet Lucy Lu the day after Christmas. Lucky Lucy Lu has found her forever home and is very happy with her new Mom. Lucy has been very friendly when meeting Sandra’s friends and is adorably sweet with her 6-year-old grandson. She delights in playing with her trackball toy but she particularly favors discovering her own intriguing “toys” such as dice and pieces of paper. While Sandra is occupied with a jigsaw puzzle, Lucy helps out by snuggling down into the puzzle box to watch this fascinating activity. Living on a farm, Lucy is also captivated observing numerous domestic animals and wildlife through the window. When she needs a little catnap from all of this stimulation, she finds that it is very relaxing to nestle down into the bathroom sink and when the lights go out, Lucy closes out her day by curling up close with her perfect new Mom!