Tanner and his family were looking for a buddy for their dog George when they saw Lottie’s photo on social media. The meet and greet with family and George went well and Lottie, now known as Genie, is doing better every day. George has been a big help for Genie as he is calm and she is learning to trust new people and things watching George’s reaction. Understanding that she would need plenty of exercise as she is young and quite active, Tanner and his family have been able to provide that. Genie gets two walks in the morning and enjoys going to the dog park in the afternoon. Tanner says they live in a dog-oriented community which is a great asset in helping Genie to become more confident with new people. She loves playing with her toys and likes to “herd” them into her bed when she is done. This shy little girl has come a long way and will continue to move forward with the patience and love from her wonderful family!
Lottie, now Genie, sitting on a bench with mom. George sitting on the ground beside. Genie and George together outside.