Lisa had rescued many dogs during her lifetime. They all had been strays that she found on the street and having searched for their owners with no luck, she would ultimately decide to give each one a loving permanent home. It had been two years since the passing of her last dog and she and her husband decided they were ready for a new canine companion. They had always had large dogs, but Lisa had recently read the story of the 4,000 beagles rescued out of a breeding facility in Virginia and was considering adopting a beagle. She had also been considering adopting a senior dog and when she saw Lola’s story, she was very touched. Lisa and her husband put much thought into adopting a 16-year-old dog and took their time before filling out the application. When they finally met Lola, it was love at first sight as “Lola was so adorable with such a cute and happy personality”. Knowing that Lola might not have much time left to enjoy life, Lisa said that she felt very strongly that whatever time Lola would have, she deserved a home to enjoy life in a safe and loving environment. Sweet and happy Lola is doing great and living the life she deserves, bringing much joy to Lisa and her family!
Lola sitting on the couch looking like a princess!