Happy Landings for Jason (now Jasper).

Karen had rescued a feral kitten from her former property and now that she was settled in her home, she was looking for a buddy for Cleo. She was familiar with Satchels through her granddaughter who works there and she had heard that a new litter of kittens was at Pet Supplies Plus in the adoption room. When she met the little black one, Jason, who is now known as Jasper, she knew he would be the perfect companion for Cleo. They are both around 6 months old and adore each other. Karen says they have a blast playing in the cat tree and then snuggle up together when it’s time for a nap. Two lucky rescue kittens are living happily ever after with their new Mom!
Jason (now Jasper) standing on the bed.Jason (now) Jasper and Cleo on the cat tree Jason (now Jasper) and Cleo laying together.