Thomas had been looking for a senior dog to be his companion for quite awhile. He had seen Hershey’s photo on social media and Hershey sounded like he might be the perfect match. The introduction to Hershey was great and Hershey is loving life with his new Dad. Thomas and Hershey take 3 long walks every day and Hershey loves everyone he meets. Hershey’s favorite activity after walks is cuddling with Thomas and sleeping in his bed. Thomas says that Hershey is the sweetest and most friendly dog he has ever met. They are continuing to work on Hershey sharing a home with his feline siblings. Hershey and Thomas will be moving into their own home at the end of the summer so Hershey will not have to share his new home with cats and will have Thomas all to himself. Lucky Hershey to find such a patient and perfect Dad!