From a room with no windows to this!

What a great weekend we had! Yesterday, I posted the Abra adoption and this morning I want to share that Misty and Ralph are now in a foster home with a wonderful family.
Our followers will know that when Misty and Ralph lost their person, they spent almost a year in a room with no windows, having very little time outside of those 4 walls until they came to Satchel’s in December. Unfortunately, life continued to rain on their parade. In February, Misty almost died but emergency surgery and her will to live perservered. A few weeks recovering and she and Ralph were back together. Our joy to have these 2 reunited and again available for adoption was short lived when, in early April, we received the sad news that Ralph has cancer. There’s nothing we can do for Ralph but give him love and keep him comfortable for what time he has left. And so the search started for a foster home for Ralph and Misty together until Ralph passes at which time Misty will again be available for adoption. Early last week Joanne and her family met these precious seniors and last Saturday, they took them home.
From a room with no windows to this! Thank you to this family for taking in a fospice dog and his companion.