Sheryl was at Pet Supermarket purchasing food for her cats Amber, 18 years old. and Isabella, 14 years old. She saw Harrison in the Satchel’s pet adoption area, held him for a time; fell in love and returned the next day to adopt him. Now known as Rico, he has been a joy to have in the house. Rico is getting along great with his canine sibling Beau, who is very gentle with Rico. His feline sibling Amber had been waking in the night frequently, but ever since Rico arrived, he has helped to comfort Amber and she settles down nicely. Sheryl says that Rico loves to jump up as high as possible and would make a great kitty olympics participant. When it’s quiet time, one of his favorite spots is snuggling in among his stuffed animal friends. Another great match and a happy home for this precious boy!
Harrison (now Rico) laid with his stuffies. Harrison (now Rico) laid on the chair - looking at the camera.