Angela’s cat Vito has always had separation anxiety and she had tried bringing home a kitten for him but unfortunately Vito did not get along with that particular kitten. She felt that Vito really needed a buddy and decided to try bringing Grover into the family and lucky for everyone that Vito accepted him quickly! Grover, now known as Jerry, is doing great and is a wonderful companion to his feline brother Vito. Angela says he is very intelligent, playful and lovable. She has a cat cam and enjoys watching her two precious siblings having fun. Jerry has also become very attached to her son’s yellow penalty flags and loves to carry the flags around and fall asleep on them. Handsome Jerry makes a great fashion statement surrounded by yellow and another lucky cat has found his forever home.
Jerry sleeping with Vito Jerry laying on the bed with Vito Jerry laying on his flags. Jerry on the cat bed, back end hanging off.