Francielle had dropped off a donation of pet food at Satchel’s as she wanted to do something nice for her birthday. She was interested in adopting and went to meet Vespa’s litter of kittens who were in foster. She fell for Giorni and now known as Milo, he was extremely curious about everything when he first got home and settled in happily within a day. Francielle introduced Milo to each of her four cats individually and he is getting along great with all of them, although his favorite buddy is now Tyler. Milo is living the dream life with Francielle and his feline siblings and will enjoy growing up and learning the ropes with this wonderful family of cats!
Giorni and Tyler on a lanai swing. Giorni with his new mom Giorni sitting on mom's legs (on his back) Giorni meeting one of his feline siblings on the lanai.