As the parents of two loving rescue dogs, Chad and Beth were not intending to adopt a third dog, but nevertheless they both happened to be browsing Petfinder independently. Unbeknownst to one another, they each saw Floqui’s photo and story and flagged him. Of course when they shared their information, there was no question that they wanted to meet Floqui. They brought Grizzly and Nanooka for an introduction and everyone got along fantastically. Now known as Yogi, he adores his canine siblings and is loving life with his new family. Yogi loves to go to the beach and enjoys blissful naps with his brothers. One of Yogi’s favorite outings is heading out to the trails with Chad and running alongside while Chad rides his Onewheel. He is very well trained and even if he thinks it might be fun to dart towards a lizard, he stays close by Dad’s side. Yogi is very smart and he could definitely teach Grizzly and Nanooka a thing or two. It just so happens that when the family is away from the house, Yogi’s two siblings need to be closed off in a safe space to stay out of mischief, while Yogi has free roam of the entire house and never gets into trouble. The stars were aligned when Yogi found this wonderful forever home and it has been a very happy new beginning for Yogi!
Floqui (Yogi) and Dad Floqui (Yogi) and Nanooka Floqui (Yogi) and siblings Floqui (Yogi) and son Floqui with family member Floqui(Yogi) & Grizzly