“My previous kitty Marvin passed away recently and I wanted to find a kitty who had Marvin’s coloring as well as the same grey and white facial markings. I was on Petfinder and saw that Duncan was at Pet Supermarket close by where I work. I fell over the moon in love with him when I held him. Due to his personality and the way he lay in my arms, I knew I wanted to give him his forever home. When Marvin passed away from kidney failure at age 11, he was lying in my arms and when I first picked up Duncan he laid in the same place Marvin did and was completely comfortable at ease with me being a stranger holding him. I connected with him and felt that we bonded quickly. What is really cute is that our oldest daughter whose name starts with “L” showed me when we got him that he has a white fur marking on his back that is shaped as a “L” 💕. His favorite activities are climbing, running around the house and jumping over or onto things; he loves playing with his toys and he loves to cuddle and be with us at night. His personality is sooo cute, he is a very confident kitty and is our little man. He has the sweetest meow and I know when he really wants something because his meow will be prolonged as in “meooow” and it makes me giggle because he is telling me what he wants and his voice is so adorable. He is a cuddle muffin and when he isn’t cuddling on the couch at the end of the day with all of us, I have caught him sitting on the edge of the couch watching TV! Duncan is doing phenomenal; he is the sweetest kitty and he loooves to play with us and our dog who likes to play and nap with him as well! We are so soooo happy to have him in our lives.”
Heather, adopter
Duncan laying with his new canine sibling. Duncan laying at the feet of his new mom. Duncan on the back of the couch watchingTV with his family. Duncan laying on a blanket, looking at the camera.