Last year Laura and her husband had adopted Shamus, their Golden Retriever rescue and after spending lots of time working on getting Shamus socialized, they were now ready to find a buddy for him. Laura’s husband saw Dumpling’s photo on social media; fell in love when they met him and his introduction to Shamus went fine. Now known as Darby, he and Shamus are great playmates. Darby thoroughly enjoys his walks and is a very social boy, always happy to meet the neighbors. He adores his huge variety of toys and has them all spread out around the house by mid morning. Laura says that he is so cute, so much fun and they are grateful to Satchel’s for the opportunity to be Darby’s forever family!
Darby and Shamus looking up at the camera. Darby and Shamus playing on the doggie bed. Darby laying on the floor looking at the camera. Darby laying on the couch.