Lindsey had always had small and medium sized dogs and now wished to experience the companionship of a large dog. She had not known about Satchel’s before discovering it while searching rescues online. Lindsey and her partner met sisters Dottie and Lottie. During their second visit, they spent time separately with the puppies and decided that Dottie was a great match. A shy and nervous puppy, Dottie, now known as Zo, is doing fantastic in her new home. Lindsey and her partner are working on socialization and training and are thrilled that Zo is learning quickly and her adorable fun personality is blossoming. Zo’s confidence is growing and she has found a great family who will fill her life with love and fun for many years to come!
Dottie laying in her crate with her blanket and toys. Dottie looking out at the water. Lottie with her mom and dad.