Both of Roy’s senior dogs had passed last year and he had decided that he would not adopt for the time being as he enjoys traveling to participate in marathons. But as fate would have it, he happened to see a flyer featuring Delhi in downtown Venice; was drawn to her adorable photo and felt that he had nothing to lose by going to meet her. Of course, it was love at first sight. A special needs dog, Delhi was paralyzed in her back end and although she had become confident with the use of her wheelchair, she would require someone who would be able to express her glands every day. Roy was determined to make it work and although it was a challenge at first, with the help of his veterinarian, he became comfortable and confident with that aspect of her care. Roy now calls her Little Miss Creo and says the name Creo comes from combining a few letters of both of his past dogs’ names, Cricket and Oreo. Creo is thriving with Roy’s love and care and adores her new Dad. Roy says that she acts just like any other normal dog, taking walks, going to the park and rolling in the grass and is loved by all of the neighbors. Creo traveled with Roy recently when they went to the Dallas Marathon Festival and he was able to find a good pet sitter / vet tech to care for her in the hotel while he ran the marathon. On February 4th, Roy and Creo will be participating in the South Gulf Cove CCT Furry Scurry 5K in Port Charlotte which raises money for local shelters and rescues. There are various options to choose from, including a 1.5 mile “mutt strut” so Creo will easily be able to participate. Once again, it appears that the stars were aligned for Roy and Creo and a fabulous forever home for this precious little girl was a beautiful Christmas gift for Creo!
Creo with Santa holding her leash.h Close up of Creo in a basket on the boat. Creo in a basket in the boat. Roy at the helm.