Kristine and her family were looking for a kitten and fell in love with Darby who they met at Pet Supplies Plus. She is doing great and adores her son whom she loves to sleep with. She stares out of his room window when he’s gone and purrs when he pets her. Darby loves her baths and even allows trimmings. Her 7-yeara-old son holds Darby like a baby and she’s very happy with that cuddling. One of her most favorite activities is watching cat videos with her human! Darby is getting along fine with recently adopted puppy, Benny and Kristine says she is an amazing kitty; they adore her and she fits right in!
Darby laying beside his canine brother on the couch. Darby watching a cat on the TV. Darby snuggled in bed with his human brother. Darby standing with his front legs on the keyboard of a computer, human sibling beside him, both watching the screen.