Chris had lost her 14-year-old Chihuahua Charles and was ready to adopt another dog into her family. As the founder of C&C Rescue Foundation, which hosts fundraisers for local rescues, she knew Page and Satchel’s as C&C had hosted numerous events for them. Chris filled out an application for 8-year-old Chihuahua Dandy, but soon learned that Dandy already had an application. Fortunately for Chris and Colleen, the first potential adopters changed their mind and Chris and Colleen decided to foster Dandy for two weeks to make sure she got along with their other dogs. After the second night, they knew they they wanted her to become a permanent part of their family. Now known as Charlie, she adores her canine siblings, Bogey, Jasper and Schatzie. Chris says that she has so much fun at night playing with Jasper and shows it by her zealous zoomies. Charlie could not be a better fit for this family and Chris says that she is an absolute doll!
Dandy (now Charlie) and Schatzie sitting on the bed with Colleen. Dandy sitting on a dog bed. Dandy layiing on the couch. Dandy laying on the couch with canine sibling.