An update from her adopters.
“Joe and I have never gone very long without a dog. After our last dog passed, we were looking on the internet at several dog rescues. We kept coming back to the same dog over and over. We put in an application and went to meet Dakota. After seeing her adorable face and hearing her story from Lacie, we knew we had to bring her home. She was a senior and so are we. Although we knew she had a few medical issues, that did not deter us. Once our adoption was final, we brought Dakota home and shortened her name to Kota. Kota made herself at home right away. She loves walking in our wooded yard and in the neighborhood several times a day. Kota has also made some dog friends and has doggie play dates a few times a week. She also loves going for car rides. Kota’s tail is always wagging and she loves to cuddle with us. She also has claimed the middle of the bed. She is the center of our home and hearts. We are thankful for Satchel’s for keeping her safe until we could make her part of our family.
Dakota standing with his new mom and dad (squatting beside him) in the yard at Satchel's.