Ursula and Jim had been searching multiple rescue sites on social media for quite awhile after the passing of Gucci, their 10-year-old pittie. They had seen Cowboy’s story on Satchel’s website and had been following him for about one year. When they finally decided it was time to meet Cowboy, they knew within a few minutes he was meant to join their family. On his first night in his new home, Cowboy was content to sleep in his crate, but on the second night he wanted to be closer to his mom and dad. Unfortunately he was too nervous to walk down the “scary” hallway to their bedroom so he slept on a blanket in the living room. He slowly began to realize that if he wanted to be with his precious new family, he would have to conquer his fears and with time he was able to find the courage to walk down the hallway to their bedroom. It only took a few weeks before he was contentedly sleeping in his dog bed on the floor next to Mom. After 6 1/2 years living in a kennel, Cowboy is finally living his dream life! He adores his toys and playing tug of war with his family. He has quickly mastered the doggie door so he may go out to his fun and fabulous back yard whenever he pleases to relax or chase lizards by the dozens. Cowboy loves to go to the beach and and walk in the shallow water or along the edge. John and Ursula have been taking him down to their boat ramp and he has become very comfortable wearing his life preserver, which means that hopefully soon he will be ready to go out on the boat. Ursula said that it is very apparent that little by little he has been enjoying life more every day and they can’t express enough how much they love him. There is always hope for every dog and cat waiting to be adopted and Cowboy is a perfect example of what time, patience and love can do!
Cowboy laid on a bed on the floor. Cowboy on the sand with his new mom. Cowboy with mom and dad on either side. Head view. Cowboy paddling in the water with mom. Cowboy looking out over the water with mom. Cowboy standing on the lanai. Cowboy standing on his bed.