Happy Landings for Clarice (now known as Marcella).

Olivia and her family had adopted a puppy, but Olivia’s daughter really wanted a kitten. They made a visit to Pet Supplies Plus and saw Clarice in Satchel’s cat adoption room. She was so sweet and approachable that it was an easy choice. Now known as Marcella, she is getting lots of love and attention from her human family. Remmi, their 9 months old puppy is very interested in learning about his new feline sibling. They have been placing Marcella in her crate in the room with Remmi so they may get acclimated to one another in a safe way for both. They are taking it very slow as Marcella is still nervous around Remmi. In the meantime, Marcella is set up in Olivia’s daughter’s room until she feels completely confident and able to roam about in the same area with Remmi. Another happy kitten has found her forever family just in time for the Holidays!
Clarice (now Marcella) being pet by her human sibling on the bed Facial view of Clarice (now Marcella) on the bed. Clarice (now Marcello) on the area rug.