Kacey and her boyfriend had recently moved and had to leave her dog with her parents as her new place would not allow dogs over 50 lbs. She was missing her dog immensely and was feeling the need for the comfort and love of a pet. Unbeknownst to Kacey, her boyfriend had stopped in and met two precious kittens in the adoption area at Pet Supermarket and as an anniversary surprise called Kacey to reveal this very special gift. She met the two kittens and decided on Cinderella who is now known as Phoebe. She is extremely loving and has become very bonded with Kacey. She enjoys her toys scattered everywhere and loves to follow Kacey throughout the house. Phoebe is her loving little shadow and Kacey and Phoebe have enriched the lives of each other with joyous sunshine!

Cinderella (now Phoebe) snuggling on mom's chest. while standing. Phoebe sitting on mom's shoulder. Phoebe laying beside mom in bed. Phoebe snuggle on mom's chest in bed.