Sali had been a loving mom to two cockatiels for many years and she had been missing the companionship of a pet after they had passed away. She had been widowed a few months ago and decided it was now time to rescue a pet to love and care for. She had not had a dog for many years; was looking for a small senior dog and heard from a volunteer about 10-year-old Cinder who had come in with a group of 7 dogs. Cinder went into foster to adopt with Sali while undergoing some dental work and Sali completely fell in love with her. Now known as Fluffy, she follows Sali everywhere and enjoys going to work with her every day. Sali and Fluffy take a walk every morning around 7 A.M. and Fluffy has met many neighbors and adores all of her new friends. She loves car rides, going to the groomer, hunting for geckos and snuggling up in Mom’s lap. Sali says that Fluffy is so sweet and loving and has made a huge difference in her life. She also wished to express her gratitude for the followup; “I think it’s important to focus some attention on rescues post adoption so that potential adoptive parents can see the joy and love these sweet creatures can bring into our lives!” Another wonderful match and a very happy Mom and Fluffy.
Cinder (Fluffy) laying on a stool. Cinder (Fluffy) laying on a chair. Cinder (Fluffy) in mom's arms.